Our processes

Needs assessment

On initial contact, Sobelcomp assesses the client’s needs with them with a view to suggesting the most realistic technical solution – also taking cost and time constraints into account.

Project management

Sobelcomp keeps tight control of project management for each assignment. This involves an updated risk analysis – managed in such a way as to limit any impact on successful project completion. A schedule is also drawn up and monitored regularly in order to meet the deadline agreed with the customer. Sobelcomp also has many years of experience when it comes to keeping control of costs.

Design– CAD – Finite element modelling

Sobelcomp employs specialist engineers – who are available to assist the customer’s technical team from initial design and 3D modelling stage to achieving the ideal final product. The company’s finite element modelling expertise also ensures the correct sizing of structural elements in composite materials.

Our Engineering Department monitors the choice of materials and ensures that manufacturing procedures are in line with requirements and standards – all with the aim of providing you with the best solution.


Sobelcomp uses a range of different production processes. The process used depends on variables such as the quantity for production, production speed, mechanical properties to be addressed and desired finishing quality.


Sobelcomp is committed to a strict quality procedure – and was rewarded when it obtained EN 9100 and ISO 9001 certification in March 2016.

With the aim of constantly improving its conforming product ratio, Sobelcomp invests in new non-destructive testing methods such as active thermography, etc.

Innovation – R&D

Sobelcomp undertakes innovative projects and technical challenges. With its team of results-oriented R&D engineers, it is able to put forward innovative and creative solutions to meet customer requirements: dimensional stability, mechanical resistance and mass – but also with an eye to budget. All of this is achieved whilst keeping the design in mind – this is increasingly important for new products.

Sobelcomp also undertakes numerous research projects to enhance its technical expertise and stay at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to composite materials.

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