Mission & Values


Human values

People are of uppermost importance. Sobelcomp addresses all tasks as a team, and every individual member is important.

Keeping to commitments

Sobelcomp makes a commitment to its customers to achieve shared objectives.

Technical challenges

Technical innovation is a driving force for Sobelcomp, which looks for the best solutions to its customers’ requirements.


The parts we produce represent our brand, and Sobelcomp continuously improves its processes to deliver the quality that customers expect.

Project management

Partnerships between Sobelcomp and suppliers and close collaboration with specialist research centres and industrial designers ensure seamless project management – a guarantee of meeting customer objectives: in terms of function – but also speed, quality and price.


What is our mission?

Sobelcomp designs and manufactures parts from composite materials – ranging from prototypes to one-off special items and medium runs.

Who is it for?

For industrial customers in Belgium or neighbouring countries.
For customers looking for solutions for improving their parts in terms of weight, design, reproducibility, multi-functional integration and cost reduction.

How do we do it?

By adapting production processes to meet customer requirements with the best balance between cost, quality and turnaround time.
By helping clients to optimise parts made of composites based on a project-focused approach.

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